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Track Your Order

Registered Mail Only (Singapore or Overseas)

Once we have shipped your order or if your order status is switched to 'shipped', you would receive a email notification of your tracking number.

GOTO www.singpost.com to track your order.

At Singpost homepage, click the 'Track Item' on the left hand side of the page. (STEP 1)

Enter the tracking number which you have received via email (STEP 2)

The Registered Article Status will reflect the order status on the right hand side.
Depending on the status, if the item is still at the immigration, please wait for 1-2 days before the item is despatched overseas and updated on the website.

However if the status is 'Despatched to overseas', we will be able to see a drop down menu of the list of countries.
Click on the country that your order destination is intented. (STEP 3).

Further delivery status will be available at the selected country destination.

If you have further queries about tracking your order, email to us buybbcream@gmail.com.