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Choosing the Right BB Cream

Posted on 31st Aug 2010 @ 7:15 PM

How to choose the right BB cream?

There are so many different brands of BB Creams out there so how are you going to make your decision? Are you going to buy a BB Cream based on what your friends are using or are you going to just grab one at random and wish for the best? But before you make the decision, read the label and here are some things you have to take note of.

1. Skin Type

Just like our skin care products, not all of them are suitable for everyone as we have different skin types.  Knowing your skin type is really important before choosing your BB Cream but if you are not sure what your skin type is, no worries, just look for a BB Cream that is suitable for all skin types instead.

What happens if you used a BB Cream that isn’t suitable for your skin? Well… your chances of getting a pimple outbreak are pretty high.

So which BB Cream is recommended for the different skin types? Here’s a small list of the popular brands of BB creams categorized by the skin types.

For All Skin Types

Normal / Combination Skin Types

Dry Skin Types

Oily Skin Types

2. Types of Functions for BB Creams

Just like our skincare or cosmetics, BB Creams also have different functions such as wrinkle improvement, whitening, excessive oil control, healing properties and high SPF protection. So choose and compare which are the different functions that you need before making the decision.

3. Types of usage and effects for BB Creams

BB Creams like our normal cosmetics also have different usages to create different looks. Some BB Creams when applied gives shimmering or glowing effects that is more suitable for special occasions or night out events. So to make sure you don’t get the wrong type of BB Cream, do take a minute to read the label’s description to make sure before paying for it.

4. Ingredients of BB Creams

For those who have sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients, it is advisable to read the label to know what ingredients are contained in the BB Cream. It is known that some users develop an allergic reaction to marine collagen and some polymer compounds.

5. Color Shades of BB Creams

Unlike foundations which have different color shades for different skin color, BB Creams normally have 1 or 2 color shades.  Yup, 1 color shade for everyone. Unbelievable? Well… it’s true as BB creams do adjust to your skin tone regardless of your skin color. Your face will appear whitish at first after applying but it will eventually blend with your skin tone after a few minutes to create a natural glow on your face without the makeup look.