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Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart+ uses ingredients that have been scientifically certified and approved for their effectiveness and stabillity.

Dr. Jart's R&D Department is continuously coperating with I-world and Jasmine Cosmetics, very well-known and respected skin care and cosmetic companies among American women and celebrities. Dr. Jart's R&D is constantly working on improving the skin texture of worldwide women and men. Due to its reliability and use of cutting-edge technology, careful consumers have chosen Dr. Jart's products.

The main principle of Dr. Jart is to use only low-irritated / low-pigmented / low-fragranced ingredients in order to minimize the use of perfume, preservatives, alcohols, and other ingredients which can irritate and harm skin. Because all Dr. Jart's products are tested to the most sensitive skin, anyone can use them without any fear.